Carpro Dlux for Trim Restoration & More.

Black trim can be an excellent addition to a vehicles styling but over time the sun and elements will cause it to fade.  Once trim reaches this point traditional plastic and rubber dressings will not restore its appearance.  When this happens trim bcomes chalky, unsightly and detracts from your vehicles appearance.  Fortunately Carpro Dlux restores faded plastics and more.

Carpro Dlux is designed to restore trim for up to two years, it is resistant to high temperatures and leaves no greasy or slick reside behind.  Dlux is a versatile product that can be used on multiple surfaces to help maintain the appearance of your vehicle.

Carpro Dlux is suitable for:

  1. Plastic Trim
  2. Rubber Trim
  3. Engine Bay 
  4. Headlights, Taillights & Fog Lights
  5. Tires
  6. Metal Trim
  7. Exhaust Tips
  8. Chrome
  9. Plastic Wheel Wells

Here are some examples and rubber and plastic I have restored using Carpro Dlux.



Restoring a neglected Porsche 911.

As a detailer I often forget not everyone is an expert in car care.  In fact for most people a trip through the tunnel wash (great way to ruin your paint!) is the extent of the cleaning their car receives.  This project is the perfect example of why education is important for the detailer and client. 

Last summer I was called out to do detailing for a client on a newly acquired Porsche 911. When I arrived and inspected the car I could tell that the previous owner had not taken proper care of it detailing wise.  In the car I found numerous car care products that were not of good quality.  It was no surprise that the car was covered in swirls and being black it showed every mark.  Unfortunately these swirls marks made the Porsche look dull and chalky.  

After I finished the detail I explained to the owner his cars paint had seen better days.  When I pointed out all of the swirl marks he told me he thought that was how paint was suppose to look!  This is why education is so important because without people may not realize the potential that their car has.  We set a date and a week later I polished and coated the Porsche with Cquartz Ceramic Coating.  The coating will help protect the paint and keep it glossy for years.

Click the pictures below to see the transformation.  

Announcements for 2017

Hello everyone, 2016 was an up and down year.  I worked with a lot of great people but also battled some health issues that made working difficult.  2017 has started off positive and I am looking forward to continuing to grow my business.  Here are a few announcements for 2017.


  1. Throughout the year pricing will remain consistent with last year.  I always encourage clients to stop by for an estimate because no job is the same, an accurate quote cannot be provided sight unseen.  I base my pricing off the time and product that it takes to get the job done.  Remember, detailing is like any good service, you get what you pay for.
  2. I detail by appointment only, any consultation or detail needs to be scheduled in advance.  I do not do same day appointments and I can be booked two or three weeks out.  
  3. My time and your time is valuable and in 2016 I had a number of no shows.  I understand issues arise but if you need to cancel please let me know.  Paint correction and coating jobs will now require a deposit of 10% and will be applied to the final balance. If you need to reschedule you have one year from the date of deposit to reschedule your job. 
  4. There will now be a minimum of $200 for mobile work.
  5. Ceramic coatings are available for every surface; paint, wheels, glass, plastics and metals. 



2015 - Year In Review

I want to take a moment to thank all of my clients for a great 2015.  2015 marked the end of my first full year as a business owner.  I learned much, met great people and had the opportunity to work on some beautiful cars.  Even through all the aches, pains and long hours I would not trade it for anything in the world.  With that being said there is still room to improve and grow.  In 2016 I aim to continue on the path that led to a successful 2015.  I look forward to working with current clients and meeting new ones over the course of the year.  

Mitch O'Toole

Audi A4 Interior and Exterior Overhaul & Cquartz UK Semi Permanent Coating

This Audi A4 was brought to me never having been properly maintained before.  It wasn't the worst I've seen but two years of unchecked dirt and grime adds up.  

BMW Paint Correction & Cquartz Paint Protection

Where to begin on this? This was a tough job that required a lot of patience. The paint on this 3 series was rough, so rough that even after I compounded and polished the surface still did not have the slickness you would expect.  After a lot of trial and error I found that different sections of the car required a different approach.  Some of the highlights and pictures...

  • car washed with a mixture of CarPro Reset and Optimum No Rinse
  • wheels cleaned with Sonax
  • paint decontaminated with CarPro TarX and IronX + decon towel
  • paint corrected with Meguiar's 105, 205 and Menzerna SF4000
  • car coated in Cquartz Uk Semi Permanent protection

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Coincidentally the first car I remember our family owning was a mid 90's Jeep Grand Cherokee and what a long way Jeep has come!  This particular Grand Cherokee was in excellent shape and the owners wanted to not only maintain its good condition but protect it long term.  They decided to add Cquartz Semi Permanent Ceramic Coating and Flyby Forte Window Coating to their exterior and interior detail.  Cquartz will help protect the paint from uv rays, dirt and grime build up, micro marring, and add extra gloss for up to two years.  Flyby Forte window coating is like Rain X on steroids and will help repel water increasing visibility while driving in the rain.   Below you will see just a few of the steps taken during this thirteen hour detail.  Check out the gallery for before and after pictures!

  • Interior dusted and vacuumed.  Surfaces protected with 303 Aerospace Protectant.
  • Leather cleaned and conditioned.
  • Wheels and wheel wells were cleaned with iron x and CarPro Reset to remove brake dust and road grime.
  • Pre-treat exterior with Iron X and Tar X to help remove bonded contaminants.
  • Wash with CarPro Reset Shampoo.
  • Decontaminate the paint with a Decon Towel.
  • Plastics and trim pieces are tapped to avoid polishing oils and waxes from discoloring them.
  • Meguiar's M205 used to polish and prepare the painted surfaces for Cquartz.
  • Windshield and front windows treated with Flyby Forte to help repel water and increase visibility.
  • Paint treated with Cquartz Semi Permanent ceramic coating to help repel water and dirt.
  • CarPro PERL applied to exterior rubber and plastics.

2015 Subaru WRX STI Swirl Removal & Cquartz UK

Whoa, cannot believe I have not posted this one!  Why settle?  Cars are expensive and if you buy a brand new vehicle you should expect the best.  More often than not car dealerships do a poor job of cleaning your vehicle prior to delivery.  Improper techniques cause swirls in your paint and a lack luster shine.  

This car came to me with just over 1000 miles on it and the owner took immaculate care of it.  As you can see from the pictures the paint was already in need of some refinishing.  I was able to remove the swirls and protect the paint with a two year ceramic coating.  Notice the level of gloss between the before and after picture.  Red cars are gorgeous when they are not showing all of their flaws.

Click on the pictures to view the gallery.

BMW X3 Swirl Removal and Paint Protection

The owner of this gorgeous sparkling brown metallic BMW emailed me several weeks ago saying a local shop had installed some swirl marks on her SUV.   I met with her to go over her options and completed the job over Mother's Day Weekend.  When I received the car the client got much more than she originally paid for from the other shop.   Besides the swirl marks caused from improper polishing, the hood was damaged and the trim was discolored by sloppy polishing technique. 

This is a lesson in why it is always good to pay a little more in the short term to save a lot in the long term.  

There is no secret to good work, take your time and go the extra mile and it will show.

  • The wheels were in decent shape. They were cleaned with a simple mixture of soap and water.  I used various brushes to clean the faces and barrels of the wheels.  Along with the wheels the wheel wells were pressure washed to remove a build up of mud.

  • The car was washed the car with CarPro Reset. This is becoming my go to shampoo, great product from a great company!  

  • I used a clay towel to decontaminate the painted surfaces.  Decontamination is key to prepping the surface.  If the paint is not decontaminated the paint you you risk spreading contaminants around with the polisher.

  • I tapped all of the plastic trim up.  This simple step helps keep polish, waxes and oils from discoloring black plastics.  As you can see from the pictures these products discolor and make trim unsightly.

  • With one polish most of the swirling was removed leaving only deeper marring that was much harder to see.  This really brought out the shine in the paint.

  • The paint was coated with Cquartz UK which s a ceramic nano coating that offers UV protection, is hydrophobic and adds shine to the vehicle.  Stronger and longer lasting than traditional waxes it is a great option for protecting your investment.

  • I used Carpro Perl diluted 1:1 for the tires, wells and trim. I was very happy how the Perl restored the discolored trim. 

New Car Prep - Why have a new car professionally detailed?

If you are buying a new car you would expect it to come in pristine condition but think again!  I had the pleasure of working on this brand new Audi Q5 and when I say brand new it came to me with 426 miles.  It was in excellent shape but the paint needed a once over.  The client mentioned that he did not like the swirling which was most likely caused by a quick 'detail' from the wash bay at the dealer.   I was able to reduce the marring in the paint and applied Cquartz which will protect the paint better than any wax or sealant can.


  1. Hand wash
  2. Decontaminate the paint with clay bar 
  3. Mild polish with a cutting pad to achieve desired results
  4. Remove any residual oils with CarPro Eraser
  5. Apply Cquartz to protect freshly polished paint

Headlight Restoration

With the recent viral video of someone restoring 'yellowed' headlights via OFF(a popular bug repellent) I thought it would be a great time to debunk that myth.

What the video does not tell you is that OFF is just a quick fix, if you want to call it a fix at all. Once the oils and chemicals wash away your headlights will no longer be clear.  This is simply because OFF is not fixing the actual problem.  

Headlights fail because the plastics and uv coatings on them break down over time.  The layer of 'yellowing' can be removed to reveal clear and clean plastic underneath.  Once the layer is removed via sanding and polising you can add a coating to protect the lights from yellowing again.

Here is a recent headlight restoration I did...these headlights would not pass Pennsylvania State inspection without being replaced or restored.

Products used...

  1. Meguair's Ungrit Sandpaper
  2. Wolfgang Headlight Polishes 
  3. Makita Rotary Polisher and Lake Country Polishing Pads

Click on the image below to scroll through the gallery.

I keep forgetting my camera...Audi S4 detailing

Had a chance to work on this gorgeous B7 Audi S4.  The car is already in excellent condition with low mileage.  It received the polish package with additional application of CQuartz ceramic paint protection.  Unfortunately cell phone pictures do not quite do it justice...

Want longer lasting protection? Ask about nano coatings!

Wax and sealants are a great way to protect your car’s paint from the abuse it endures out on the road.  While wax and sealants offer good protection, did you know there are even better ways to protect your car?  One of the latest developments in the detailing world is nano coatings and they offer superior care and protection for your vehicle.

What is a nano coating?  Nano coatings, like Cquartz Ceramic Quartz, are liquids that contain tiny ceramic particles, that when dry bond to form a rock hard coating over your existing paint or clear coat.  What does this mean for you?  Superior protection, gloss, and water repellent.  

One of the biggest benefits of a nano coating is the amount of time it remains effective.  While traditional waxes and sealants last a few months, nano coatings can last years.  Additionally they make maintain the cleanliness of your car a breeze! 

For more information about long lasting protection please contact me for a free consultation. 

Selling your car? Here are two quick reasons to have it detailed!

Nothing lets me down more when I drive an hour to see a car I am interested in buying and the owner could not bother to make it presentable...especially when its advertised as 'clean.'  Not a good way to start the sales process.  

Here are two great reasons to clean your car before selling it: 

1.  We judge a book by its cover - Let's be honest, first impressions are everything!  If you are trying to sell or buy a car that is filthy it's going to make you question how well the car was cared for.  You might have taken fantastic care of your car mechanically but its easy to question when the cup holders are filled with brown goo.

2.  Spend a little now and get more later - people love to haggle and get a deal.  Don't give them more bargaining power.  If your car is clean both on the inside and outside that is less ammo for a potential buyer to negotiate on.  There is no question if your car is in good shape in terms of appearance and mechanically you will get more money.

Here is an example of a car I prepped for sale, its amazing what the difference can be.