My philosophy is that every car and their owner is unique. For any job, whether big or small, I recommend a free consultation. By going over your car we can come up with a plan and price that fits your budget. I believe in only selling you services you need and will never recommend products if I do not believe they will benefit you. For this reason I offer a variety of services from basic hand washes to paint restoration.  My washes and detailing services are performed with proper techniques, tools, and paint safe chemicals no matter what the vehicle.  


Paint Correction & ENHANCEMENT

Paint correction and enhancement is what truly brings out the gloss in your paint. There are many types of defects that can be on the surface of your cars paint. These defects can cause your paint to have a dull or chalky appearance. Through machine polishing many of these defects can be removed or improved to create a glossy finish. Sometimes pictures are better than words, check out the album to the right for examples of what paint correction can do for you. There are different levels of paint correction and together we can find out what works best for your budget.


Interior & Exterior Detailing

I understand that for the majority of us cars are a tool that get us from point A to point B but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it cleanly! Interior and exterior detailing is the most popular and budget conscious way to get your car back into shape.  With an exterior and interior detail your car will be cleaned, decontaminated and protected with a sealant that will last up to six months. There are so many variations and scenarios that there is no one size fits all detail. Most of my interior and exterior details are priced between $150-$250 dollars depending on size and condition of vehicle. I also offer à la carte services such as engine bay detailing and headlight restoration that can be added to any job. Even for these jobs I recommend a free consultation.  

nano coatings

Nano and ceramic coatings are the latest in paint protection for your car. Paint, wheels, exterior and interior almost any surface can have a coating applied to it. In the hierarchy of paint protection coatings come after wax and sealant and provide all of the same benefits with added longevity and increased effectiveness. Some of the benefits of a coating include long lasting shine, ease of maintenance and protection from UV rays. Coatings are super hydrophobic and will reduce the amount of water and dirt that will stick to protected surfaces. These properties make cleaning the exterior and interior of your car a breeze. Coatings ARE NOT impenetrable shields, if a product seems to good to be true it probably is. With proper maintenance and products your car will remain looking good for years. At minimum minor paint enhancement must be performed to properly prepare the surface for coating application. Coatings aren’t just for sports cars, I have applied coatings to $20,000 cars and $150,000 cars. Together we can come up with a package that best suits your needs.


“Mitch is a great detailer and person. He was able to get my car in very quickly for a correction and coating; The car looked perfect upon return and the turnaround was much quicker than I expected!

He also assisted me with aftercare help too. I will definitely be returning with future cars”.

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