Restoring a neglected Porsche 911.

As a detailer I often forget not everyone is an expert in car care.  In fact for most people a trip through the tunnel wash (great way to ruin your paint!) is the extent of the cleaning their car receives.  This project is the perfect example of why education is important for the detailer and client. 

Last summer I was called out to do detailing for a client on a newly acquired Porsche 911. When I arrived and inspected the car I could tell that the previous owner had not taken proper care of it detailing wise.  In the car I found numerous car care products that were not of good quality.  It was no surprise that the car was covered in swirls and being black it showed every mark.  Unfortunately these swirls marks made the Porsche look dull and chalky.  

After I finished the detail I explained to the owner his cars paint had seen better days.  When I pointed out all of the swirl marks he told me he thought that was how paint was suppose to look!  This is why education is so important because without people may not realize the potential that their car has.  We set a date and a week later I polished and coated the Porsche with Cquartz Ceramic Coating.  The coating will help protect the paint and keep it glossy for years.

Click the pictures below to see the transformation.  

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