BMW X3 Swirl Removal and Paint Protection

The owner of this gorgeous sparkling brown metallic BMW emailed me several weeks ago saying a local shop had installed some swirl marks on her SUV.   I met with her to go over her options and completed the job over Mother's Day Weekend.  When I received the car the client got much more than she originally paid for from the other shop.   Besides the swirl marks caused from improper polishing, the hood was damaged and the trim was discolored by sloppy polishing technique. 

This is a lesson in why it is always good to pay a little more in the short term to save a lot in the long term.  

There is no secret to good work, take your time and go the extra mile and it will show.

  • The wheels were in decent shape. They were cleaned with a simple mixture of soap and water.  I used various brushes to clean the faces and barrels of the wheels.  Along with the wheels the wheel wells were pressure washed to remove a build up of mud.

  • The car was washed the car with CarPro Reset. This is becoming my go to shampoo, great product from a great company!  

  • I used a clay towel to decontaminate the painted surfaces.  Decontamination is key to prepping the surface.  If the paint is not decontaminated the paint you you risk spreading contaminants around with the polisher.

  • I tapped all of the plastic trim up.  This simple step helps keep polish, waxes and oils from discoloring black plastics.  As you can see from the pictures these products discolor and make trim unsightly.

  • With one polish most of the swirling was removed leaving only deeper marring that was much harder to see.  This really brought out the shine in the paint.

  • The paint was coated with Cquartz UK which s a ceramic nano coating that offers UV protection, is hydrophobic and adds shine to the vehicle.  Stronger and longer lasting than traditional waxes it is a great option for protecting your investment.

  • I used Carpro Perl diluted 1:1 for the tires, wells and trim. I was very happy how the Perl restored the discolored trim. 

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