Headlight Restoration

With the recent viral video of someone restoring 'yellowed' headlights via OFF(a popular bug repellent) I thought it would be a great time to debunk that myth.

What the video does not tell you is that OFF is just a quick fix, if you want to call it a fix at all. Once the oils and chemicals wash away your headlights will no longer be clear.  This is simply because OFF is not fixing the actual problem.  

Headlights fail because the plastics and uv coatings on them break down over time.  The layer of 'yellowing' can be removed to reveal clear and clean plastic underneath.  Once the layer is removed via sanding and polising you can add a coating to protect the lights from yellowing again.

Here is a recent headlight restoration I did...these headlights would not pass Pennsylvania State inspection without being replaced or restored.

Products used...

  1. Meguair's Ungrit Sandpaper
  2. Wolfgang Headlight Polishes 
  3. Makita Rotary Polisher and Lake Country Polishing Pads

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