Carpro Dlux for Trim Restoration & More.

Black trim can be an excellent addition to a vehicles styling but over time the sun and elements will cause it to fade.  Once trim reaches this point traditional plastic and rubber dressings will not restore its appearance.  When this happens trim bcomes chalky, unsightly and detracts from your vehicles appearance.  Fortunately Carpro Dlux restores faded plastics and more.

Carpro Dlux is designed to restore trim for up to two years, it is resistant to high temperatures and leaves no greasy or slick reside behind.  Dlux is a versatile product that can be used on multiple surfaces to help maintain the appearance of your vehicle.

Carpro Dlux is suitable for:

  1. Plastic Trim
  2. Rubber Trim
  3. Engine Bay 
  4. Headlights, Taillights & Fog Lights
  5. Tires
  6. Metal Trim
  7. Exhaust Tips
  8. Chrome
  9. Plastic Wheel Wells

Here are some examples and rubber and plastic I have restored using Carpro Dlux.



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