1. Why should I have my car detailed?     

Great question!  You might be wondering what sets my services apart from the dealer or automatic car wash? My response, you get what you pay for.  Car dealerships often work in volume and they want to get you in and out as quickly as possible.  This generally means sloppy work and using techniques that mask imperfections rather than addressing them.   Automatic car washes work much the same way, they are convenient and cheap but at what cost?  Dirty bristles, water spots from improper drying and harsh chemicals are just a few.  Not to mention all of those swirls in your paint!  So what do I do differently?

 By taking the proper steps to detail your car I can safely and effectively remove dirt and grime without causing the problems mentioned above.  I can also remove defects such as swirl marks and spider webbing caused by improper cleaning by correcting the paint with polishes.  Over time not only will your car remain aesthetically pleasing but it will retain more of its value.  Most of us have been car shopping and the first impression is always how clean or dirty the car is.  We all remember our first new car and there is no reason your car cannot look that way again.


2.  What sets me apart from all the others? 

Passion and dedication.  I take a tremendous amount of pride in my work and that is fueled by my passion for all things automotive.  This means using quality products and not cutting corners, for me its all or nothing.   I am constantly striving to add new services to help my business grow and better serve you.


I am dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service.   I enjoy building relationships with my clients and those relationships are what drive business.  I encourage you to contact me for a free consultation.  By doing this I can learn what is important to you in terms of your vehicle.  Everyone has different priorities and together we can figure out a plan that works perfectly for you.   


3. What is the difference between a polish, sealant and wax? 

A polish is a liquid that contains micro abrasives that level and clean your paint effectively removing swirls and scratches.  Polishes ranges from mild to aggressive depending on what you need them for.   

Both sealant and wax strive to achieve the same thing - paint protection.  A sealant is a polymer, also known as synthetic wax, that provides more of a sheen when applied.  A sealant is made up of thousands of polymers that bond together when cured.  Waxes are carnauba based and often provided more a 'wet' look to your vehicle.   Sealants often last longer than waxes but waxes provide a deeper, wetter look for painted surfaces.


4.  What products do I use?

I use a collection of some of the best and most trusted brands in the automotive detailing industry.  These include;  Meguiars, CarPro, Optimum and Menzerna.             


5.  What is a clay bar?

Clay bars are one of the best tools available to detailers. These compounds are used to remove bonded contaminants from your car that are not removed during a wash.  Your car takes all sorts of abuse and sometimes water and soap are not heavy enough to remove everything.  Think of it as the exfoliation of the cars skin! 

6. How long does it take to detail my car? 

It depends on many factors.  Such as what we are doing or how big your vehicle is.  A basic detail can take a few hours while paint correction can take over twenty.  I strive to be timely and work around your schedule while maintaining a high level of quality.